How to Download Instagram Images & Videos

In this post,we can see about how to download Instagram Images and Videos.

In Instagram app you can’t download images and videos,to do so you can use this FastSave for Instagram app.

You can download this app from the following link

After downloading and installing,open the app

Turn on the FastSave service and Click open Instagram.

Now you can view all the images and videos from instagram app.

To download the images,select the option from the image and click Copy Link.

To download the videos from instagram,you can do the same select the option from the video and click Copy Link.

You can view all the downloaded images from your file manager and gallery.

The downloaded images and videos will located in the following location

Internal storage –> Pictures –> Instasave

You can also view the downloaded files from the app,click My Downloads.

Downloaded images and videos will be listed.

In this post we saw How to Download Instagram Images & Videos using FastSave for Instagram app.

In the next post we can see about different android apps.

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