Virtualization Introduction

In this Post I will discuss about the Virtualization Introduction.This includes Bare-Metal Type 1 Hypervisor and Hosted Type 2 Hypervisor.

Hypervisor Defined
Hypervisor is a software that lies between hardware and guest operating system.It is also known as virtual machine manager.In virtualization environment,multiple virtual machines share the single hardware platform.
Hypervisor makes the each virtual machine run with underlying hardware.It splits the CPU,memory,GPU and Other hardware for each guest operating system.
Each virtual machine that runs above the hypervisor is called the Guest operating system.

The Hypervisor Operating system is known as Host Operating system.
Examples : VMware ESXi,Microsoft Hyper-V.
The virtualization environment is mainly used to simply Development and Testing.It is used to enable the server consolidation and Business Continuity plan.

Hypervisor Types
Hypervisor is of two types.Bare-Metal hypervisor which is the Type 1 Hypervisor and Hosted hypervisor which is the Type 2 Hypervisor.

Bare-metal Hypervisor
Bare-metal Hypervisor runs directly on the system hardware.The guest operating system runs on top of the hypervisor.

Examples : VMware ESXi,Microsoft Hyper-V.

Hosted Hypervisor
In Hosted Hypervisor,the hypervisor is below the base operating system which may be a windows or linux system.
Above the hosted hypervisor,the guest operating system are created.

Examples : VMware Workstation,Oracle Virtual Box

In this post we saw the Virtualization introduction.From the next post we can see about the VMware vSphere Concepts.

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