VMware vSphere Features-Part 1

In Last post we saw about the Virtualization Introduction.If you didnt see please refer the below link

In this post we can see about the some VMware vSphere Features.

VMware ESXi
VMware ESXi is the core of the VMware vSphere which is the Hypervisor and the virtualization layer.It serves as the foundation for VMware vSphere Features.

Before VMware vSphere 5,hypervisors are available in two forms.There are VMware ESX and VMware ESXi.
Both VMware ESX and VMware ESXi shares the same virtualization engine and supports all virtualization features.

VMware ESX has the redhat derived service console for managing the virtual machines.The service console includes firewall features,snmp agents and web server.

VMware ESXi dont have this redhat derived service console.It is light-weight and has a image file size of 130MB.
In VMware ESXi,VMkernel is the foundation of the virtualization process.It manages the virtual machines and access the underlying physical hardware,memory management.

VMware vCenter Server

VMware vCenter Server provides the centralized management and framework for all the ESXi hosts and their respective VMs.It allows the IT administrators to deploy,manage,monitor,automate and secure a virtual infrastructure.

Before VMware vSphere 6.0,vCenter server can only be installed in windows server but after VMware vSphere 6.0,vCenter server can be deployed in windows server or through a deployment appliance(.ova).

Some  of the features of vCenter server are VM templates,VM customization,rapid provisioning and deployment of VMs,role based access controls and fine grained allocation controls.

Advanced features are vSphere vMotion,vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler,vSphere High Availability and vSphere Fault Tolerance.

The Other Features are Enhanced vMotion Compatability,Host Profiles,Storage I/O Control,vSphere Distributed Switches,Network I/O control,vSphere Storage DRS.

The vCenter server packages available are Standard and Essentials.

vSphere Update Manager

vSphere update manager is an addon package for vCenter server.It provides all the updates for the VMs in the ESXi hosts and all the products in the vCenter server.you can provide user defined rules for getting notified regarding the out-of-date systems.

Automatic installation have been provided by the vSphere update manager.It has a full integration with the other vSphere features.

VMware vSphere Web Client

VMware vSphere Web Client acts as the primary administrative interface for VMware ESXi and vCenter server.It provides overall features for managing a virtual infrastructure.

Before VMware vSphere 6.0,vSphere Desktop client has been used for managing the servers.After VMware vSphere 6.0,VMware vSphere Web Client entirely replaces the vSphere Desktop client.

vSphere Desktop client

vSphere Desktop client is still available for windows and use it manage  the servers.It provides management tasks and advanced configuration of a virtual infrastructure.It also provides the full set of management capabilities to manage the ESXi and vCenter servers.

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